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Uber now lets you save places like your best friend’s house directly in the app

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Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Uber will now let you save places other than your home or work for quick access in the app. You can assign names to your favorite Saved Places, as Uber calls them, so you could label your best friend’s apartment or the airport, for example. Riders can save a place once they’re en route. From then on, they can access that saved address by tapping the “Where to?” bar and choosing Saved Places.

The feature is available on Android and iOS in the US, and it’s rolling out to the rest of the world later this year. I’m surprised it took Uber this long to give riders the option to save places. The sad reality of our mundane lives is we tend to live in a bubble of sorts — I usually go to the same places, if not all the time, at least more than once. Saved Places would likely make my life slightly easier.