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Amazon Video for Apple TV will reportedly be announced next month

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Also, Amazon will resume selling the Apple TV

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The long wait to be able to stream TV shows and movies from Amazon on the Apple TV is nearly over. BuzzFeed News is reporting that an Amazon Video app designed for Apple’s set-top box will be announced at next month’s WWDC keynote. Recode revealed last week that Amazon and Apple were nearing an agreement that would bring to rest their years-long living room standoff. The Amazon app is likely to launch sometime this summer, though BuzzFeed News notes that the release timeframe could change.

In exchange, Amazon will resume sales of the Apple TV. The online retail giant halted sales of the device in October 2015 because Apple’s box didn’t offer any way for Prime subscribers to access Amazon’s content. (Google’s Chromecast was also kicked off of Amazon for the same reason.)

Keeping its content off the Apple TV for this long has ultimately been Amazon’s decision, however. Last May, CEO Jeff Bezos said that Amazon had yet to release an Apple TV app because the two sides couldn’t land on “acceptable business terms.” It took many months, but these two recent reports suggest that Apple and Amazon have reached a deal that’s acceptable to both.

Bringing Amazon to the Apple TV could be essential if Apple plans to release an updated version of the product that supports 4K playback. Amazon is one of the largest sources of 4K movies and TV shows, though a fair amount of content is also available from services like Netflix and YouTube. Both of those companies offer apps for Apple TV.