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Emoji-nal Coding

I am helping my 8 year old daughter learn Swift, along with some general coding concepts.

The other day she while using Playgrounds and FOR loops she discovered that she could assign an emoji as the variable (was news to me). This led to a conversation between us, her own thoughts on using emojis in code and onto a shared visioning of emotional coding.

if user = :) then

as switches

or whiles

or conditional loops, for user :) to :(

perhaps combined with the user interface and methods of assessing the user's state. She suggested heart rate, facial expressions etc. that would let the system have a guess.

i realise that we could use the results from such analysis directly for various conditions but abstracting that data or using emoji as part of the programming language itself, as operators or conditions was to us at least, very interesting.

our languages benefit greatly from emotional words, they add a richness to the way we can interpret information

how might this benefit programming languages and the way they process data.

Take what you will from this idea, any thoughtful extensions to it are appreciated in the comments below.