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Hey Siri, Google Assistant is on the iPhone now

Hey Siri, Google Assistant is on the iPhone now

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Yep — the rumors are true: Google Assistant is headed to the iPhone to take on Apple’s Siri. Announced at Google I/O, the company will roll out Assistant as a separate iOS app from Google search to specifically target tasks tied to your personal preferences.

However, Assistant won’t be able to operate exactly like it does on Android devices. Google says because there are API restrictions, Google Assistant on iOS will only be able to do general stuff like send iMessages and play a song on your Spotify app, but not set alarms. Yeah, bummer. And since you can’t remap the Home button from Siri to Google Assistant, you can instead add a widget which looks like a big ol’ icon.

You can download Google Assistant on iOS right here in the App Store. At launch, it is only available in the US.