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Google Home can soon cast its response to your TV

Google Home can soon cast its response to your TV

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If you’ve ever wanted to see Google Home’s response in a screen bigger than your smartphone, Google’s soon adding the ability to do just that. Announced at Google I/O, you’ll soon be able to ask the Home things like, “Show me my calendar on the TV,” or “Show me nearby restaurants on the TV” and see the result displayed on your connected television.

“Show me my calendar on the TV.”

Though Google says the feature won’t arrive for a while and will be pretty limited at launch, the move attempts to make Google Assistant more of a shared experience within the home. Before today, Google Assistant was a largely personal experience that lived without your phone (with the exception of some Home-related functions like multiplayer voice-based games and music). With the ability to see results on the television screen, you can soon make decisions with other people in the room on things like nearby delivery options and movie selections.

Similarly, you can also have Google Home send these “Visual Responses” to other devices — such as asking for directions and having the Assistant pull up Google Maps right on your smartphone.