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Google Cast is finally fixing its control issues

Google Cast is finally fixing its control issues

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Google is improving its Cast controls to make the TV browsing experience a little more communal. At I/O today the company announced that in the coming months, both Google Home and Google Assistant will be able to launch a small navigation interface on screen instead of forcing you to browse on your phone. As part of a demo, Google showed that users can say, “OK Google, what’s on my DVR?” and a queue from YouTube TV will pop up on-screen. If users ask, “What’s the weather in Santa Cruz?” the weather will come up. The same goes for users’ calendars. This is part of a larger goal to allow the Google Assistant to provide visual responses, Google says. No remotes or phones are needed to start streaming.

For now, you won’t be able to fully explore apps, but this step will at least make it easier for you to browse with someone else.