Car Tech Part II


So I was on youtube and was looking over many videos on the Ford GT (sex on wheels btw having seen it in person), and I came obviously across the Verge Video. Then, right after that. I came across this guy.

(it's a good video BTW)

Remember that guy?

(that might require a small bit of history)

That guy is Tim Stevens. When Josh, Joanna, Paul and Niles Patelsky left Engadget, Tim was put in charge. They then proceeded to fire him in the most dickish way possible and he was at C|Net I believe with Brian Cooley I believe? I didn't know he was with these guys now.

Anyway, I still stand my me idea 4 years ago. Verge should have hired Tim and had him and ZPower do an automotive section for the verge. (side note - where the HELL did ZPower go? I literally looked up one day and...I dunno)

OH.... AND....and.....the podcast should have been called "The Apex". Also hire me and i'll move to SF and the car photography or something lol