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Microsoft redesigned OneNote’s interface to be more consistent across devices

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The update also adds new accessibility features

Microsoft announced an update for OneNote today across Windows 10, Mac, iOS, Android, and the web, featuring an overhauled design meant to offer improved accessibility and a more consistent feel across the various platforms.

Navigation has been vastly simplified in the new app. Microsoft has moved all controls to be located on the left side of the screen in a series of nested menus, making it simpler to switch between sections, notebooks, and pages from a single place in the app. Additionally, the new design puts the actual information at the center, which Microsoft says will help students avoid distraction.

On the accessibility front, Microsoft is improving keyboard shortcuts to make the program to make the program easier to use for those with mobility impairments, as well as making it easier to use OneNote with screen readers for the visually impaired.

Lastly, OneNote now looks and functions the same across all devices — so whether you're taking notes through the web app or on your phone, things will always be where you expect them to be.

The new OneNote should be rolling out over the next few weeks.