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This is why smart home speakers are a thing Apple should get serious about


With all these discussions in the past surrounding smart home speakers and especially arguments against them coming out of the Apple camp talking how they're pointless because they're stationary and one could just use Siri with their phone or Apple Watch, I want to pick up this conversation again to make the glaring differentiator more clear and the reason why Amazon's Alexa is said to be such a success.

As you might have guessed, I'm in the smart home speaker camp and I'm glad Apple is rumored to follow suit with a more powerful and advanced premium offering.

To make things clear I just want to put out this little thought experiment which, IMHO, boils down to the reason why smart home speakers like the Echo or Google Home are a thing. So imagine this:

Think about the peer in your life you share an appartment or house with, your friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or whatever. One person. Now imagine you can only talk to her or him if you stand in close proximity, speaking calmly right to their face and you can only get a full answer or the entire information of their feedback/reaction when you look straight in their face. Just let this sink in for a moment and think about it.

"Dear are we free saturday night?" - doesn't work, sorry.

"Honey??" - no answer because unfortunately "honey" is in another room. It isn't that bad you say? Ok, let's try again.

"Honey??" - (mumbling from a distance) "jasfj asidja iadj wiadj" - (you pause TV, stand up from the couch and walk over into the kitchen to check up on "honey" by looking at him or her face in person). You get the idea.

And that's pretty much all I have to say. A phone or smartwatch simply can't provide the experience everyones asking for, which is basically a digital person hanging around your house you can just speak to that speaks and acts back appropriately.

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