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You can now use Alexa to control Dish Hopper DVRs

You can now use Alexa to control Dish Hopper DVRs

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Owners of a Hopper DVR and an Amazon Echo can now change the channel or find a specific programming using just their voice. Dish has announced that starting today, customers can use Alexa to control their Hopper DVR or Wally satellite without ever touching the remote.

Dish first announced this capability back in January during CES, and the feature will be available for every generation of the Hopper DVR. According to Dish, the Alexa search feature for TV shows work across the provider’s content catalog (live or recorded) in addition to on-demand titles. That means it’ll know to look to Netflix if you ask Alexa to play the new season of Master of None, or go through your live and recorded library when you want to watch an episode of The Walking Dead.

To set up the functionality, users can set up the Dish TV skill in their Alexa app, where they’ll get walked through the process of pairing the devices together.