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Duet Pro takes another stab at turning your iPad into a Wacom tablet

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Duet Pro 2.0 available to download now

Today Duet is announcing Duet Pro 2.0, its latest iteration on the fantastically useful Duet Display iPad utility that turns Apple's tablet into a responsive secondary display for macOS or Windows computers. 2.0 builds upon the initial Pro release we tested in October, that turns an iPad Pro into a makeshift Wacom tablet for iPad Pro + Pencil owners.

Duet Pro 2.0 adds the following features:

  • Customized Pressure Curve: This allows for a personalized drawing experience.
  • Advanced Gestures: New gestures including double-, left-, and right-click; hover; four-finger tap; undo and redo; scroll; and zoom help users treat their iPad as their primary device.
Line Lead in action
  • Line Lead: A line preview to predict where the Pencil is before the OS does in order to speed up drawing. This can be turned on and off with a gesture directly on the iPad.
  • Touch Bar: Improved stability and speed since Duet added the feature in December.
  • Improved Color Quality: Rendering quality and speed has been improved.

Duet Display costs $20 for life while the Pro 2.0 in-app purchase costs an additional $20 per year (with a free one-week trial). If you're a digital artist, or aspire to be one, and you already own an iPad Pro then it's probably worth a look. Look for the app to go live at this link.