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Twitch now lets you watch gaming highlights in glorious slow motion

Twitch now lets you watch gaming highlights in glorious slow motion


Slow videos down to 0.25 speed

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Amelia Krales

Twitch is trying to make its game and live streaming service a better destination for pre-recorded video, to better compete with YouTube as a place to watch highlights. So the company announced today that it has added new video playback controls to let viewers slow videos down or speed them up. Similar to YouTube’s playback options, Twitch now lets you double the speed of a stream or slow it down to as little as 0.25 its regular speed. These options are all located in the updated settings menu, the company says.

These may sound like rather trivial updates, and it is surprising to see Twitch only add these features just now. But the Amazon-owned streaming service is still maneuvering its place in the online video landscape. That means determining how best to serve its core community of gamers who primarily broadcast and consume live content, while also catering to those who want to see best-of highlight videos, tutorials, or other videos more traditionally found on YouTube. So playback controls might not mean that much to an avid streamer or live channel watcher, but it’s a sensible addition for those who split their time between Twitch and its competitors.