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New emoji tool lets you know when your favorite symbol is no longer cool

New emoji tool lets you know when your favorite symbol is no longer cool

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Emojipedia has a new tool to track which of your favorite icons are having their moment in the sun, and which symbols are slowly going the way of the fax machine emoji. With the new “trends” feature, Emojipedia pulls data from Google Trends and builds graphs, going back five years, to show the climbing and falling of each icon.

“Each graph is relative to the emoji being viewed,” Emojipedia says. “100 represents when that emoji saw its highest number of searches.” Newer emoji may not have as much data to view as some of the classic symbols, which means you may not get a graph for those recently added.

You can track the emoji that have long graced our smartphone keyboards by scrolling to the trends section on Emojipedia. By clicking through to Google Trends and adding your own additional icon, you can also compare the popularity of two emoji.

The tool isn’t powerful enough to settle the age-old question of cats vs. dogs emoji. After all, each emoji is measured against its own prior success. But it is helpful for tracking the general application of each symbol. For example, the “information desk person” emoji, better known as the sassy woman, has enjoyed consistent usage; the “nailcare” emoji, another sassy stand-in, has dipped following its surge in 2014.

Of course, there is only one true emoji cage match anyone cares about: eggplant vs. peach. While both have enjoyed a steady rise, and the peach saw a spike in late 2016, the eggplant is still seemingly used just as regularly as ever before. Good news for sexting enthusiasts everywhere.