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Amazon is having a rare one-day sale on the Echo Dot

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The first time this year that we’re seeing discounts on a single Echo Dot

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Amazon Echo Dot white

In the market for one, two, or even four devices to shout “Alexa” at? For the first time this year, Amazon is offering the Echo Dot for $39.99, making this the best Dot deal of the year.

You may remember last month when Amazon ran a promotion in which you’d have to buy three Echo Dots to get $20 off. Until 12PM ET today, you can grab $10 off the Echo Dot — matching Black Friday for an all-time low price.

Unlike previous discounts we’ve seen on Amazon devices like the Kindle deal last March, today’s deal is not exclusive to Amazon Prime members, allowing anyone to take advantage of this deal.

There’s really not much more to be said since the deal speaks for itself. And hey, maybe you don’t need four Dots — but then again, even that is $20 cheaper than buying just one Echo.

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