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PSA: don’t bop cuties on Tinder with Master of None’s ‘going to Whole Foods’ line

PSA: don’t bop cuties on Tinder with Master of None’s ‘going to Whole Foods’ line

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In Master of None, Dev Shah (Aziz Ansari) has honed the perfect message to break through the clutter of unoriginal dating app one-liners. While most men greet potential dates with the dreaded “hey” or “hi” (the height of unoriginality), Dev takes a lighter approach: “Going to Whole Foods, want me to pick you up anything?”

“First Date,” season 2’s episode devoted to dating and the apps built around it, makes a point to discuss Dev’s strategy. One of his dates is impressed by the originality of the line, until she learns that it’s his opening line with every romantic prospect. Point is: it’s a break from the stream of boring hellos in her inbox, sure, but ultimately it’s just as rote.

Unsurprisingly, Dev’s clever line has made its way into the real-life dating world. As I scrolled through Instagram last night, I stumbled across a friend’s screenshot of the Whole Foods zinger. It was the eighth time, she said, that she’d received the line since the show premiered this month. She’s not alone, either. A few minutes of browsing through Master of None hashtags on Instagram revealed dozens more.

If you’re a fan of the show seeking a clever way to find other watchers, the Whole Foods line can be endearing. It’s an immediate in-joke for you and a would-be cutie — an easy way to connect over the fact that you both love Netflix and Aziz Ansari. Like bloggers who have used Sex and the City lines to test their would-be dates, there’s potential for some sweet, momentary role-playing.

But if you’re lifting the line with the same frequency as Dev — or you’re just too lazy to come up with your own charming intro — the tactic isn’t likely to get old; it already is old. Because Master of None takes care to hit on topics like mobile dating, it’s fair to guess that many people who use those apps watch it. When you’re the fifth person on their way to Whole Foods, the joke gets a little tiring.

And if your would-be date doesn’t watch Master of None, then you’re one of the many, many potential suitors that suddenly loves to shop at Whole Foods.

So, remember: tell your dates about your Whole Foods trips responsibly. No one wants to see a chain of grocery stores ascend to the new “hey.”

And, no, changing the store name does not count as something new.