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T.J. Miller won’t be returning for the next season of Silicon Valley

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HBO just renewed Silicon Valley for a fifth season, but one character won’t be returning. T.J. Miller, who plays Erlich Bachman, is leaving the series, according to The Hollywood Reporter. In a statement to THR, HBO called the decision a “mutual agreement.”

Neither HBO nor Miller has given any details about the reason for the departure, but as THR points out, Miller has recently started getting bigger roles that he wasn’t getting when the show started.

But as he’s gotten more famous, he’s also racked up a bit of a checkered history. When Miller hosted TechCrunch’s annual Crunchies in 2015, he made a cringeworthy racist joke and called one woman a bitch several times. Last year he was arrested for getting in a physical fight with an Uber driver.

Who knows how Mike Judge and Alec Berg will write Miller out of the script — maybe he’ll do peyote in the desert and never come back.

You will, however, be able to see him in The Emoji Movie this summer.