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Mark Zuckerberg’s commencement speech streamed on Facebook with hilariously awful captions

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Man, Mark Zuckerberg is having a hell of a day. Earlier this morning, just before he was scheduled to deliver Harvard University’s commencement speech, his alma mater’s student newspaper website was hacked to elaborately troll the Facebook CEO. And while that got fixed by the time Zuck walked on stage, he’s now facing yet another technical difficulty: utter gibberish for captions.

Of course Zuck’s speech was going to be live streamed on his own platform, but wow, those of us watching from an office setting are getting a heck of a treat.

Maybe a one-off goof? Nay.

I, too, long for a sense of purposos.

Keep rauling, rauling, rauling.


You get the point. We’ve reached out to Facebook and a representative told us that it was Harvard University’s team that did the captioning, so you can thank / blame whatever machine or human that transcribed the speech.

And while you’re at it, you’ll definitely want to listen to the speech if you can, where Zuckerberg talks about finding a place in the working world in the face of automation, generating societal progress, creating opportunities for those less fortunate, and more.

Update May 25th 4:51PM ET: We updated to post to include Facebook’s confirmation to The Verge that it was Harvard, not Facebook, that was responsible for the typos on Zuckerberg’s speech captions.