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Editors’ commentary of this week at The Verge

Editors’ commentary of this week at The Verge


Which is the latest episode of The Vergecast

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Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

Here’s The Vergecast. This week, Nilay, Dieter, and Paul plow through a week of news starting with (no surprise) the FCC’s ongoing mission to destroy net neutrality. This was also a week full of new gadgets — from the new Microsoft Surface Pro, to the Jamboard, to a $9,000 laptop, we walk you through the things we saw and reviewed in the Circuit Breaker world.

Also, even though we filled our time, we added a bonus segment in between it all: Vlad Savov, a fan favorite of the show, stops by and quickly breaks down what is on his mind and what gadgets have piqued his interests.

There’s a whole bunch of other stuff discussed on the show, (sorry, this show is an hour and a half), so listen through it all for more.

03:27 - Breaking down the FCC’s proposal to destroy net neutrality

32:36 - Inside the mind of Vlad

49:38 - And now, a brief definition of the web

51:03 - Microsoft's new Surface Pro has 13.5 hours of battery life and LTE option

56:22 - Microsoft has created a Surface USB-C dongle for “people who love dongles”

1:00:12 - DJI's $499 Spark is the company's cheapest and tiniest drone yet

1:04:43 - Google made a $5,000 whiteboard — and it’s weirdly fun

1:06:14 - Samsung responds to complaints about HDMI switching, will offer a firmware update

1:10:57 - How Anker is beating Apple and Samsung at their own accessory game

1:11:54 - Acer Predator 21 X review

1:14:14 - Paul’s weekly segment “Vroom Vroom goes the car

1:17:00 - TV lightning round

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