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YouTube star Colin Furze turned a microwave into a video game console

YouTube star Colin Furze turned a microwave into a video game console


For when you’re bored while cooking dinner

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Internet star and maker Colin Furze has built all sorts of crazy inventions for his YouTube channel, ranging from a working hoverbike to a homemade Iron Man suit built to withstand a barrage of fireworks. In his latest video, he’s turned his microwave into a playable game console.

His new invention is the Play-o-Wave, a fully functional microwave with a screen mounted on it. He built a screen into the door, and included a set of inputs for a handheld controller in the body. He proceeded to demonstrate the device in action, cooking an onion with peanut butter for two minutes, while playing a simple biking video game. It’s the perfect way to spent a couple of minutes in the event that you left your phone or tablet in the other room while making dinner.

The video is part of a series for his channel in which viewers write in and request certain inventions, solving random problems such as cold feet (solution: gas-powered slippers) to urgently needing tea (solution: thermite). This isn’t even the first time that he’s improved the humble microwave: in 2015 he built a Freezer-wave, which cools down something if you’ve overheated it.