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Watch a music producer make minimal techno with fidget spinners

Watch a music producer make minimal techno with fidget spinners

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Andrew Huang is a YouTuber and music producer who creates beats and samples from everyday objects like water bottles and drones. And because everyone can’t stop talking about fidget spinners, it was only a matter of time before Huang decided to make music with them.

In the video, Huang claims that fidget spinner music was one of his most-requested videos “of all time.” Of all time. This is proof that fidget spinners have made us more fidgety than ever, trying to get our hands on more and more fidget spinner content.

Huang uses a fidget spinner and a fidget cube here to make a minimal techno track. (The spinner makes a kind of whooshing sound while the cube is more clicky.) Some of the beats — like a heavy backbeat — are just made by Huang hitting the fidget spinner against his open palm, or slapping the two pieces of plastic together. But Huang does manage to make a pleasant noise by running his fingernail along the edges of the spinner as it whirls around, and he creates a bassline by holding the spinner right up against a mic.

All you need then is some kind of music sequencing software and you’re on your way to viral fidget spinner musician fame. Maybe Father John Misty will let you open for him.