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This Fallout 4 mod looks like a mash-up of True Detective, Silent Hill, and The Witch

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Too spoopy for my blood

For an apocalyptic wasteland, Fallout 4 is quite colorful. Its vista often contrasts the vibrant red and oranges of settlements with a clear blue sky. It isn’t safe, but it’s hardly frightening. Fallout 4 modders l00ping and TreyM intend to change that. Their new creation, via Kotaku, sucks up the pigment of the world, and replaces it with muted neutrals and haze.

A horror mod, Pilgrim - Dread the Commonwealth is inspired by the film The Witch. But its focus on gothic horror and spooky nature calls to mind everything from True Detective to Silent Hill to Stalker: Shadows of Chernobyl.

The mod creators haven’t re-created the props or set of the cult film. Rather, they’re emulating how the film was made. TreyM’s camera emulation system is meant to mimic digital video cameras. The ENB also features other cinematic tweaks like “lens emulation, film grain, [and] adjustable letter-boxing.” To produce a film-like score, l00ping has contributed new exploration and battle songs, along with a dynamic music system tied to the game’s weather.

The duo have future features in mind, most notably — at least for fans of The Witch — an update that would replace Fallout 4’s iconic pupper Dogmeat with the horror film’s goat Black Phillip.

The mod and update information are available at NexusMods.