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SoundCloud can now build personalized playlists like Spotify

The new feature looks a lot like Discover Weekly, and that’s a good thing

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

SoundCloud has announced a new feature called The Upload, an algorithmically generated playlist based on a user’s listening habits. If that sounds familiar, that’s because the idea hews close to the highly celebrated and heavily trafficked Discover Weekly feature from Spotify. The Upload is available starting today in the Discover tab on the web version of SoundCloud and in the Search tab in the company’s iOS and Android apps.

Photo: SoundCloud

There are two big differences between The Upload and Discover Weekly, though. First, SoundCloud’s version only surfaces new music that’s been uploaded “within the last few days,” according to a company blog post. The other is that Upload playlists will be refreshed on a daily basis. “The more you listen to on SoundCloud, the better The Upload will surface new artists and music for you,” the company writes.

SoundCloud has reportedly had trouble converting its sizable user base of 175 million into sustainable revenue, even after it started offering different subscription models with features like offline and ad-free listening. That’s perhaps because those subscriptions don’t help cut through the noise of the nearly 200 million tracks hosted on the service.

If The Upload can capture some of the magic that helped Spotify turn Discover Weekly into a feature used by millions of people and expose relevant new music to users, it might just be able to help with both of those problems.