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Reddit continues to reshape itself by adding location tagging

Reddit continues to reshape itself by adding location tagging

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Reddit location tags
Image: Foursquare

Reddit has been quietly transforming into a more mature social network, and today it’s adding another small but critical piece: the ability to add location tags to posts.

The feature will launch on mobile and is powered by Foursquare’s directory of locations. While the typical Reddit post may not need location — and attaching one is optional — it seems like it’s meant to enrich posts and photos about first-person experiences, like food or a great view.

You’re not the only one who thinks this sounds like Twitter

It’s a small addition, and it’s far from game changing — other social networks have been doing this for years and years — but it’s a logical step as Reddit continues evolving into a more familiar looking social network. Two months ago, Reddit began introducing profile pages for each user that look a bit like Facebook and Twitter profiles. You can even follow people, which seems to encourage the type of short, regular posts more commonly seen on rival networks.

Location seems perfect for that kind of short, personal update. And if all of this is starting to make Reddit sound a bit more like Twitter, you’re not alone. Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian retweeted this over the weekend: