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Japan’s Pikachu train is like a tiny speeding amusement park

JR East

Pokémon with You — which started as a disaster relief project after the devastating 2011 earthquake in Japan — took over Japan Railway East in 2012 with a pokémon-themed sightseeing train. Inside and out, it was decorated with characters and knickknacks from the series in extreme detail: fake plants, little tunnels, curtains, and decals. Starting July 15th, the train is getting a Pikachu-themed makeover.

The train, spotted by RocketNews24, has been reimagined with Pokémon’s most lovable electric mascot. Roughly translated to interior design, this equals a lot of yellow and brown. There’s also a special play area filled with large Pikas for kids to befriend.

For those hoping to ride the train, it runs on the Ofunato Line, which departs from Ichinoseki Station and ends at Kesennuma Station. The schedule is as follows, with tickets going on sale in advance:

  • July 15th–17th, 22nd–23rd, 29th–31st
  • August 1st–20th, 26th–27th
  • September 2nd–3rd, 9th–10th, 16th–18th, 23rd–24th, 30th

No word yet on when we’ll get that Magikarp train.