Why is the Windows laptop market still so bad?


Everyone gets close, but no one can pull off a good machine for the money. There's a couple that get everything right on specs, features, and price, then screw it up with their keyboard layout. Why in 2017 does no OEM show a high resolution photo of the keyboard? They're all angle shots, and many OEMs just have 400x400px photos.

Here's my list. Take the new ASUS Vivobook Pro. They got so much right!

  • $800 gets you a great build, sleek, thin.
  • Core i5/7 with GTX 1050!
  • Nice resolution monitor, webcam up top (Dell XPS and LG Gram's downfall)
  • Fingerprint reader within touchpad.
  • Awful keyboard layout. Seriously, I like a numpad on a laptop (not required) but this is an awful implementation.

Never put the power button next to Delete or any other keys. The correct placement is to the side like the XPS line does it. The best placement for Home, End, Pg Up and Pg Down are how Dell does it. Either put all four within the direction buttons, or place Pg Up and Pg Down above Left and Right. And for the love of god, could someone give us back full size direction buttons? There's no reason to use those chibi keys. HP's are the worst even though I love the look of the new Envy. How it raises itself off the table for ventilation? Elegant.

So my dream device would be

  • Hardware: HP Envy 2017
  • Keyboard: Dell
  • Specs: ASUS Vivobook Pro