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The Essential phone will have its own smart assistant

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Welcome to the party

the essential phone

Andy Rubin is currently onstage at the Code Conference presenting the new Android-powered Essential Phone and his vision for the Ambient OS and Essential Home device. Pressed by Walt Mossberg as to why he’s bringing out yet another Android phone, Rubin revealed that Essential Home and Ambient OS will have a new smart assistant, and that assistant will also run on the Essential Phone.

So that’s a new rival for Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, and Cortana, combined with the new Essential Home device and Ambient OS which Rubin says is designed to integrate with every other smart device in your home. Rubin also says he’s willing to support all those other assistants, including Siri — which Apple probably isn’t crazy about.

Rubin is still onstage at Code, and you can read our live blog right here.