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Overwatch goes to the Moon in new Horizon Lunar Colony map

Overwatch goes to the Moon in new Horizon Lunar Colony map


Moon shot

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On the heels of Overwatch's one-year anniversary celebration, Blizzard is launching the next major piece of content: a new Assault map set on the Moon called Horizon Lunar Colony.

In Overwatch's fiction, Horizon Lunar Colony is the home of the genetically modified gorilla hero Winston. He was seen growing up there along with other human and gorilla test subjects to study the effect of long-term life in space in flashbacks from the previous “Recall” animated short. Following a gorilla uprising — in which most of the humans were killed — contact between the base and Earth was lost. That is, until now. (Winston himself escaped the battle and returned to Earth, where he joined the Overwatch organization.) 

The new map will let players explore Winston's home, and discover more details on a new corner of Overwatch's lore in the same subtle way that Blizzard tends to dole out information on the game's storyline: through its environments.

There could be more content related to Horizon in the future, too — an early tease for the map posted on Blizzard's website notes that Winston isn't the only subject not on Horizon anymore. A specimen named Hammond also listed as missing, meaning there could be a new character coming somewhere down the line as well.

Horizon Lunar Colony is available now for PC players to try on the Overwatch Public Test Realm (PTR) server, with a console and primary PC server release likely to hit in the coming weeks.