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Another obscure pokémon is thrust into stardom with its own theme song

Slowpoke, Magikarp, and Magnemite are not the best-known faces of Pokémon (clearly that’s Pikachu), but all three share a special honor: their very own theme song. The Japanese Pokemon Official YouTube Channel released a new anthem for Magnemite, a frantic song that’s basically a Where’s Waldo-style music video.

I don’t think I ever realized how tiny Magnemite apparently is, or how creepy it can get. It lurks among your desk supplies, your bathroom tile, your foiled leftovers, and even your private messages like a one-eyed, leering virus. It looks absolutely terrible with hair. But this song is still much kinder than Magikarp’s, and far less strange than Slowpoke’s so... does that make Magnemite the favorite child?