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GE’s Alexa lamp will be available in September for $200

GE’s Alexa lamp will be available in September for $200

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GE is finally announcing more details about the strange and kind of futuristic-looking lamp with Alexa integration that it announced in December. The lamp will be called C by GE Sol — kind of a mouthful just to clarify that it’s part of GE’s “C” line of smart lights — and sell for $199.99, with shipments expected to start in September. Preorders are available today for just $160.

In addition to its price and availability, GE is also announcing some of the lamp’s tricks. Naturally, Alexa is the standout feature here, letting you ask the lamp anything you could ask an Amazon Echo. But the light itself can do some neat things, too. GE says the circular lamp can act like a clock by placing indicators where the hour and minute hands would go. And the lamp can be set to use either a warmer or cooler light.

None of that will guarantee that this strangely styled lamp will look as futuristic as you hope once it’s in your home, but it seems like GE has some good ideas for it.

The Sol will also add some functionality to any other C by GE light bulbs that happen to be near it, by making them all controllable by Alexa.

For C by GE light owners who don’t buy the Sol, GE is also going to start selling a hub called the C-Reach, which will let the lights connect to both Alexa and Apple’s HomeKit. Pricing and availability are still being finalized, but GE says the hub will sell for less than $50 and will be available at a discount when bundled with some lights.