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Google is still updating Allo, adding link previews, chat backups, and group incognito mode

The web app isn’t here... yet

Google Allo

Google has pushed another update to its Allo chat service today. The app has gained incognito mode for group chats, allowing those conversations to be fully encrypted. Google also added link previews and chat backups, according to a tweet from Amit Fulay, head of product for Allo and Duo.

Allo is still lagging when it comes to adoption; according to the Google Play Store, Google’s new flagship chat app has less than 50 million downloads, while its video chat counterpart Duo has passed that milestone. Then there’s the matter of the web app, which was shown off back in February but still isn’t available. At least Google hasn’t given up on it yet.

With Hangouts turning into an enterprise play against Slack, Allo has to be a success in Google’s complicated chat ecosystem. Or maybe it doesn’t and Google will release another chat service.