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You can now pay for gas with your Apple Watch at ExxonMobil stations

You can now pay for gas with your Apple Watch at ExxonMobil stations

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Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

ExxonMobil’s Speedpass+ app has added support for Apple Watch payments, letting you charge your gas bill with a tap on your wrist. The update, added to the Speedpass+ app this morning, will let any Apple Watch owner authorize a payment using whatever stored option they choose, be that a manually inputted credit card or via Apple Pay. ExxonMobil first added Apple Pay support to Speedpass+ in March of last year, and the new updates should work at more than 10,000 Exxon and Mobil gas stations in the US, the company says.

Meanwhile, other app makers are fleeing the Apple Watch

While this should be useful for the eager mobile payments fan, the Apple Watch is still in a peculiar position. Apple’s watchOS quietly lost app support in the last few weeks from big-name software makers like Google and Amazon, as well as companies like TripAdvisor, Target, and eBay. None of those companies seemed willing to say it was because wearable tech is not worth the resource investment — representatives for Google and Amazon said the companies would be returning to the platform sometime in the future. But it’s still not a good sign that you can no longer use Google Maps on a device designed to keep you from using your smartphone too often.

Nonetheless, Apple seems bullish on the future of the smartwatch, and so does ExonnMobil, apparently. In its most recent quarterly earnings report, CEO Tim Cook said Apple Watch sales have nearly doubled since last year. We still don’t know exactly how many units the company has shipped, but some analysts estimate that around 3 or 4 million devices were sold in the last quarter and lifetime sales are inevitably in the tens of millions of units.