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Now’s your chance to help Elon Musk name his tunneling machine

Now’s your chance to help Elon Musk name his tunneling machine

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Elon Musk is building a boring machine, and he needs your help to name it. The SpaceX and Tesla CEO tweeted tonight that he was considering potential titles for the tunneling machine, currently in production by his latest venture, The Boring Company.

He’s not actively soliciting names, to be fair, but Musk has already replied to a few choice suggestions sent in by Twitter followers, including “Boring machine,” and the inevitable “Tunnel McTunnelFace.” Other suggestions vary between the highbrow — “William Burroughs” — and the slightly more base, like “The Elongater,” “Dirt Diggler,” and the thinking emoji.

It certainly sounds like Musk needs the assistance, though. At the moment, his frontrunner title is “Ultimate Boring Machine, the Second.”

Elon, my man. You are inventing something that can chew through the bedrock of our world, can cast aside stone and earth like so much confetti. It’s great, but you’ve already used the “boring” joke in the company title — now’s your chance to get wild. Let’s take another pass at this, together.

Important update May 5th, 3:30AM ET: Musk has expressed his approval of the suggestion “Snoop Dug.” We’re doing it, people.