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Kanye West's Twitter goes MIA ahead of clothing collaboration with Kim Kardashian

2016 MTV Video Music Awards - Red Carpet Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Kanye, where have you gone? The notoriously outspoken rapper and husband to Kim Kardashian has disappeared from social media ahead of today’s launch of the couple’s clothing brand, Kids Supply. Both his Twitter and Instagram pages appear to be inactive.

Web archives for Kanye’s social accounts captured images as recently as yesterday, but the timing of the social media disappearance can’t be ignored. Kim has been teasing the clothing line on Twitter, so it’s possible Kanye will reemerge in a grand reentrance to hawk tiny shirts.

It is, of course, possible West chose to delete the accounts. While Kanye’s account has disappeared before due to glitches, he’s also voluntarily deleted some of his more controversial tweets. The removal of both his Instagram and Twitter accounts suggests the vanishing act is, at the very least, intentional.

But all is not lost. We still have Kim, whose Instagram and Twitter accounts continue to provide some of the best celebrity content. At the moment, she appears to be getting the brunt of questioning about Kanye’s absence.

If you’re really hard up for Kanye tweets, there are always parody accounts. I’m rather fond of this one, which fills my timeline with positive nuggets like this:

Or this one! I should pin this to my mood board:

And of course there’s my favorite, this tweet: