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Watch three Imperial stormtroopers work up the courage to shake Darth Vader’s hand

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‘The man’s a legend!’

In this fan film from Malaysian-based filmmaker Brian Lee, three Stormtroopers catch sight of their leader on the battlefield, and realize that they have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet him. It’s a hilarious film, made all the better by the acting.

If Stormtroopers Were Malaysians was filmed with members of the 501st Legion’s Malaysian Garrison, they’re fighting on some distant planet when they see Darth Vader fighting alongside them, not far away. One of the starstruck troopers wants to go say hello. With a little convincing, gets his buddies to go along with him, even if it means that they’re risking death.

The film is slickly shot, but what makes it really great are the three troopers. Acting with one’s face covered by a helmet is difficult, but they really sell it with their dialogue and hand and body motion. The banter between the trio is hilarious, peppered with funny anecdotes from their time in the Imperial army, not to mention a brutally honest motivational speech.

There’s also a great behind-the-scenes video that everything that goes into filming a trio of stormtroopers behind a large rock.