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Chris Pine went on SNL to clear up which superhero movie he’s actually in

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Pine. Not Evans, Hemsworth, or Pratt

Wonder Woman’s Chris Pine hosted Saturday Night Live last night, and used his opening monologue to clear up something: he’s not Chris Pratt, who’s starring in this weekend’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Nor is he in Captain America; that’s Chris Evans. He also doesn’t play Thor; that’s Chris Hemsworth.

Pine tried to clear up the confusion with Leslie Jones, who stopped by for a selfie, and then brought out a poster of the four actors next to one another. Marvel certainly seems to have a type when it comes to casting their heroes.

He then closed out with a musical routine set to Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” to point out that “these aren’t the white guys I am.”

Sure thing, Thor / Captain / Starlord / Kirk, whichever one you are.