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Doug Liman has a familiar title for Edge of Tomorrow 2

Doug Liman has a familiar title for Edge of Tomorrow 2


It doesn’t include the words Edge, of, or Tomorrow

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Edge of Tomorrow publicity still (WARNER BROS.)
Image: Warner Bros.

Last year, Doug Liman signed on to direct a sequel to his 2014 military science fiction time travel film Edge of Tomorrow, and while promoting his next film, The Wall, he told Collider that the film’s sequel will be called Live Die Repeat and Repeat.

Set in the future when Earth has been attacked by aliens, Edge of Tomorrow follows a cowardly public relations officer played by Cruise, who’s sent to the front lines. There, he finds himself in a time loop where he lives the same day over and over again, and enlists help from a fellow soldier, played by Blunt, to escape. While the film didn’t perform well at the box office, it’s a surprisingly good film. Since its release, a sequel has been put into development, while Cruise and Blunt are reportedly interested in coming back.

‘Edge of Tomorrow’ is the blandest of bland titles for a science fiction film

However, Edge of Tomorrow is the blandest of bland titles when it comes to a science fiction film, especially when you consider that the book it’s based on is called All You Need Is Kill. The title was bad enough that the film was essentially retitled Live Die Repeat for the home release. The sequel’s title shows that everyone involved seems to have realized that Edge of Tomorrow is a title best forgotten.

While news of a title and an update is exciting to hear for those wanting a sequel, it’s not entirely clear when the movie will happen. While Liman has signed on to return, and has a story that’s fittingly a “prequel and a sequel,” the film has yet to be officially greenlit. Additionally, Liman has several other projects on his plate. His next film, The Wall, hits theaters this week, and last August, he left Fox’s Gambit movie for DC’s Justice League Dark. He’s also attached to another science fiction film with Tom Cruise, Luna Park. Hopefully, Live Die Repeat and Repeat will make its way to the top of the list. Until then, we can watch Edge of Tomorrow over and over again.