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Welcome to Verge Science on Facebook!

Welcome to Verge Science on Facebook!


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Hello! This is Liz Lopatto, headmaster of the Verge Science Academy. I understand you haven’t yet quit Facebook, so you should probably like the best new page on Facebook, Verge Science. Also, you should definitely share it with all your friends.

You may be wondering: how is Verge Science on Facebook going to improve on The Verge’s science section on the web? We see a huge audience for smart science coverage on Facebook — a huge audience that’s often being served bad or inaccurate coverage. We’re going to try and make it better. I strongly believe you can be smart and engaging without veering into impenetrable jargon or wild inaccuracy, and I’m really proud of how we’ve done that on the web and in our YouTube videos. Now we’re going to serve that up to the huge audience on Facebook, alongside a ton of video custom-made for that platform. You can see an example above — real, researched coverage that’s fun and hopefully makes you a little bit smarter. That’s what we do here, and that’s what we’ll do there, too.

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Smart science coverage that isn’t overhyped and overblown.

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Our audience deserves the best: science coverage that isn’t overhyped and overblown, and that won’t bore you either. You don’t have to be an expert to like science — shit, I haven’t taken a science class that wasn’t math since high school, and I’ve been reporting on the subject for a decade. Think of our Facebook page as science taking off its lab coat and putting on its gnarly old Metallica T-shirt from the Ride the Lightning tour. I hope you’ll join us.