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    Big Sean chases love through the SNES era in his latest video

    Big Sean chases love through the SNES era in his latest video

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    Rappers love and will probably always love referencing video games in their work. Biggie referenced the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. Drake sampled Donkey Kong Country 2 for his track “6 God.” Now, Big Sean is leaning right into the 16-bit era in his new video for “Jump Out the Window.”

    The track itself, from Sean’s I Decided release, is your usual “I wish you were mine / You’re better than this guy!” love song that, while it rides a pretty solid beat, reads as a little unpleasant as Sean paints himself as the dude saving the girl he likes from her bad decisions. Which, oof. But where the visuals are concerned, the video is charming, full of references to classic Nintendo games:

    Sean’s nemesis is even wearing a hat that makes him look a little like M. Bison from Street Fighter II. Essentially, he’s cast himself as Scott Pilgrim, and the guy in the hat is an Evil Ex-Boyfriend. Which is cute, but I suddenly wish the bad guy turned into a pile of coins in the end.