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T-Mobile ends its 200MB ‘free data for life’ offer for new tablets

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iPad Pro 9.7-inch

Back in 2013, T-Mobile announced a “free data for life” deal that offered 200MB of cellular data per month to new tablet customers. But T-Mobile is now discontinuing the offer as of May 7th. The change was first spotted by TmoNews.

Anyone who activated the 200MB plan before this week will be able to keep it for the specific tablet they’d set it up on, but any new tablets activated after May 7th won’t be able to get the free data anymore. T-Mobile also won’t let users transfer over the free data to other tablets — so even if you are grandfathered in, if you’d like to upgrade to Apple’s next iPad (whenever it gets announced), you’ll have to leave your “free data for life” behind.