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A surprise Harry Styles documentary is coming exclusively to Apple Music

A surprise Harry Styles documentary is coming exclusively to Apple Music


Starting May 15th

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Apple Music announced today that a surprise documentary about the making of Harry Styles’ first solo album is coming to the service on Monday, May 15th.

The documentary, called Harry Styles: Behind the Album, is made up of footage of Styles recording in a secluded studio in Jamaica (the same one Rihanna and Drake use sometimes) and rehearsing with his new band at the legendary Abbey Road studio in London. Based on the 30-second trailer, it looks like the documentary will be full of standard rock star stuff: Styles has a typewriter and then a Moleskine notebook; he’s sleeping and then he’s scuba diving; he’s super nervous and then he’s screaming. He wears black silk bell-bottoms and gets a hair cut.

Update: Ben Winston, the director of most of One Direction’s music videos and their 2013 tour documentary This is Us was involved in this documentary as well.

This marks Apple Music’s fourth documentary exclusive, following Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour documentary in December 2015, a history of the 808 drum machine in December 2016, and, most recently, Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives, a purchase made at the Tribeca Film Festival last month. Apple has been experimenting sort of randomly with the idea of making original content and establishing Apple Music as a video-streaming service, so the accelerating pace of these exclusive documentary pickups makes sense for them.

It is also, if you’re into this sort of thing, kind of funny that the only two working musicians to debut documentaries on the service also used to date and are widely known to have written music about each other. Specifically, the music featured in the documentaries.

Harry Styles’ self-titled album will be released on Friday, May 12th.

Updated May 9th, 12:15 PM: Updated to include Ben Winston’s tweet.