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AMC is developing a series based on Joe Hill’s NOS4A2

AMC is developing a series based on Joe Hill’s NOS4A2


The adaptation is being developed with an eye toward a series pickup

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Image: William Morrow

Yesterday, AMC announced that it is opening writers’ rooms to develop three new shows, one of which is an adaptation of Joe Hill’s vampire novel NOS4A2. Jami O’Brien, who worked on the network’s Hell on Wheels and Fear the Walking Dead, will be the show’s executive producer.

According to Deadline, the network is skipping the typical pilot process, and working on a “detailed look at a potential first season,” before deciding whether or not to greenlight the show right out of the gate. AMC first announced that it was adapting the novel back in 2015, but word that Joe Hill’s NOS4A2 is still under consideration is pretty exciting. Hill is the son of Stephen King, and he’s forged his own career as a horror author in recent years. This extremely creepy novel is one of his best to date. AMC is also developing a crime thriller, Pandora, and Silent History, about a group of children who are born without the ability to comprehend language, under the same arrangement.

Published in 2013, NOS4A2 follows a girl named Vic McQueen who has an ability to find lost objects by way of a mysterious bridge that transports her to wherever the object that she’s looking for is hiding. While she’s out searching for something, she comes across a man named Charles Talent Manx, who likes to take children for a ride in his 1938 Rolls-Royce Wraith (the title of the book comes from the car’s vanity plate), spiriting them off to an otherworldly place known as Christmasland. Vic tangles with Manx, who seems to be feeding on the children he steals.

This isn’t the only work of Hill’s that’s in development. Back in April, Hulu ordered a pilot for an adaptation of his comic series Locke & Key, to be directed by Doctor Strange filmmaker Scott Derrickson. 20th Century Fox is also developing his latest novel, The Fireman, as a film.