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Google Sheets is making it easier to create charts through natural language commands

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Image: Google

Google is issuing an update to Sheets today that’ll make it easier for users to visualize their data. People can already use Explore in Sheets to ask questions and receive data in return, like “which person has the top score?” Now, you can ask Google to make a chart or graph. So, for example, you could type “histogram of 2017 customer ratings” or “bar chart for ice cream sales” and receive that visual image in return. You can then instantly insert it into your sheet.

Today’s update will also let you sync data to tables from your Sheets to Google Docs or Slides. You can copy and paste your Sheets data to Docs or Slides and tap “update” to keep it synced. A new charts sidebar is launching, too, that allows for the creation of 3D charts. It’s available on iPhones and iPads, as well.

The print interface is also being refreshed so you can adjust margins, select scale and alignment options, or repeat frozen rows and columns before sending to the printer. Spreadsheet updates aren’t always the most exciting, but honestly, less time spent making charts is a positive for everyone.

Image: Google