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This cheesy cruise lets you watch an eclipse at sea that you can easily see from land

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Image: NASA

For a few minutes on August 21st, the Moon will completely block the Sun for anyone watching the skies along a 70-mile-wide swath of North America from Oregon to South Carolina. The rest of the continent will get to see a partial eclipse lasting a few hours. The big event is being called the Great American Eclipse. But, for anyone looking to not actually be on American soil for it, well, you can apparently watch it from sea.

The Royal Caribbean cruise company is pitching a “brag-worthy adventure to idyllic islands in the Caribbean” where “guests on Oasis of the Seas will be treated to a full slate of eclipse-themed activities.”

Although the partial eclipse will only last for two to three hours, die-hard eclipse fans can extend the experience with an entire week aboard the Oasis of the Seas. There will be “interactive science fun for kids.” You won’t even be able to get away from all the eclipse enthusiasm in the bar: there will be “tasty cocktails” named Cosmic Cosmo and Planetary Punch.

Royal Caribbean promises that the ship will navigate to the “optimal spot” to view the eclipse, which is identified in the press release as the Caribbean Ocean, which isn’t in the eclipse’s direct path. A spokesperson with the cruise company told The Verge that they actually meant the “ship plans to be along the path of the totality during the Eclipse” — where the Moon will completely obscure the Sun for a few minutes. So, as long as the weather cooperates, cruise passengers could get a good look. But, honestly, you could probably see it just as well from land.

This is the path the Great American Eclipse will take on August 21st.
Image: Google Maps and NASA