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Star Wars: Battlefront II trailer includes flashy moments from all three eras

Star Wars: Battlefront II trailer includes flashy moments from all three eras


40 years of Star Wars history

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One of the most anticipated elements of Star Wars: Battlefront II is its single-player storyline, but judging from the latest trailer it may be the multiplayer mode that gets hardcore fans most excited. First shown here at E3 in Los Angeles, the new trailer demonstrates just how expansive it will be, pulling in characters, locations, and vehicles that cover the entire 40-year history of the saga. It even has those Phantom Menace battle droids. (Look, nothing’s perfect.)

The original Star Wars: Battlefront kept things limited to the original trilogy of movies, though a battle from Rogue One did eventually make an appearance in the final installation of the game’s DLC expansion. It provided for a level of familiarity and authenticity, particularly important given that Disney and Lucasfilm were trying to revive a fanbase that was still recovering from the much-maligned prequels. For the second iteration of Battlefront, however, that restriction in eras has been lifted, with everyone from Darth Maul to Rey and Kylo Ren appearing as playable characters.

We’re still early in the hype cycle for the game, but in many ways Battlefront II appears to be the game that Battlefront should have been all along — if it hadn’t been fast-tracked to beat J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: The Force Awakens to release. In fact, much of what’s been revealed about the game thus far may as well be a fan wish list: along with the multi-player battles spanning the entire saga, the new game will also feature improved vehicle handling and space missions, courtesy of Criterion Games, as well as that expansive single-player campaign, which will put players in the shoes of an elite Imperial officer as she tries to avenge the death of The Emperor and Darth Vader. We’ll find out if the game actually delivers on November 17th.