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Bounty hunters blow things up in the trailer for the next season of Syfy’s Killjoys

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The season premieres on June 30th

Syfy released its trailer for the new season of Dark Matter last month, and now, it has released a trailer for the third season of its other pulpy space opera show, Killjoys.

The show follows RAC (Reclamation Apprehension Coalition) agents Dutch, John, and D'avin as they track down warrants in a region of space known as The Quad. While they spend some of their time hunting their various targets, they also contend with a shadowy organization and its nefarious plans.

This new trailer shows off plenty of bounty hunter action, cyborgs, green goo, and quippy one-liners. There’s also some intriguing hints at this season’s big plot, whihc seem to include a clone of Dutch, and something about saving the world.

Like Dark Matter and The Expanse, Killjoys helped to fill a years-long void when it came to science fiction shows about space on the channel, and it’s a throwback to the types of lighter shows like Stargate SG-1, Farscape, or Andromeda. Killjoys returns to Syfy on June 30th.