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EA's A Way Out is a prison break game designed to be played with a friend on the couch

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EA and the creator behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Josef Fares, will release a new game called A Way Out that can only be played in split-screen. Fares, the game’s writer and director, announced the game on-stage today at EA’s E3 press conference.

A Way Out is a story-driven, co-op prison break game that will feature exploration, driving, action, and more, Fares said on stage. “I wanted to make another game that pushed the boundaries on how to tell stories without compromising on gameplay.” Players will either control Vincent or Leo. Both characters have stories that will play out simultaneously on-screen; even if one character is in a cut-scene, players can still control the other.

Although Fares said the game would allow people to play online with their friends, the idea is for people to play together on their couches.

A Way Out will launch in early 2018. The game is being developed by Hazelight, Fares’ new studio.