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1930s cartoon-styled Cuphead is finally coming out on September 29th on Xbox and Steam

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Microsoft has finally announced a release date for Cuphead, the classic animation-inspired platformer / shooter from developer Studio MDHR: September 29th.

Along with the release date, Studio MDHR has a brief new trailer showing off more Cuphead gameplay, highlighting a bit of the platforming and combat. The game still looks incredible from an art perspective, with seemingly hand-drawn animations that look like they walked right off Walt Disney’s desk in the 1930s.

That release will mark the end of a long road for development for the stylistic indie game, which was first announced over three years ago at E3 2014. Since then, Cuphead has been delayed multiple times, but it sounds like we’ll finally get to see whether Studio MDHR has put together a game that plays as good as it looks this fall.

Today, the game has also appeared for pre-order on Steam.

Cuphead is available as an Xbox Play Anywhere title on Windows 10, Xbox One, and Steam on September 29th.