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Detroit: Become Human trailer teases an android revolution

Detroit: Become Human trailer teases an android revolution

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The latest trailer for Quantic Dream’s story-driven thriller Detroit: Become Human introduces a new character named Markus, an android fighting for freedom through any means necessary. The footage briefly follows Markus as he rallies other androids and leads riots against their human captors.

Quantic Dream unveiled Detroit: Become Human for PlayStation 4 in 2015 during Paris Games Week. The game is a neo-noir thriller about androids, and at least two have been introduced so far: Kara, who achieves consciousness and escapes the factory in which she was built, and Connor, a negotiator.

As with previous Quantic Dream games, players’ choices will shape the outcome of the game. At E3 last year, the developer played out several scenarios in which Connor must negotiate with a hostile android in order to save a little girl.

Quantic Dream’s last game, Beyond: Two Souls launched in 2013.