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Here is our first look at Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle in action

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Ubisoft has announced Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, a game that combines Nintendo’s iconic franchise with Ubisoft’s Raving Rabbids in a tactical, turn-based RPG. The game was confirmed today, and will release on August 29th for the Nintendo Switch. Oh, and for some reason, everyone has giant Mega Man-style cannons on their arms.

According to Shigeru Miyamoto, who took the stage at Ubisoft’s event to announce the game, he challenged the development team to make a Mario game unlike any Mario game before. The gameplay consists of a mix of exploration, combined with what looks like an XCOM-styled, top-down turn-based combat. Just, you know with Mario and Rabbid characters instead of gritty space soliders.

Rumors about the mash-up have been circulating since early 2017. But the first real look at the game arrived when key art — featuring classic Mario characters like the eponymous plumber, Yoshi, and Luigi — leaked in May. The image also showed off the Rabbids, dressed up like characters from the Mario franchise.