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Watch 7 minutes of Days Gone, Sony’s new big-budget zombie game

No release date yet, but lots of flesh-eating zombies

Sony showed off brand new gameplay footage of its survival horror zombie game Days Gone to kick off its E3 showcase today. We’ve seen a healthy chunk of the title in the past, but the new trailer gives us a good glimpse of how the game plans on blending personal, high-stakes narrative with larger-scale terrifying zombie set pieces — plus, motorcycle travel.

A early and apparent signature of the game is hordes of 30 to 40 zombies that mob you in dynamic ways and at anxiety-inducing speeds. The new footage shows off the ways in which players will have to maneuver those survival settings and with more intense human encounters.

Days Gone is being developed by SIE Bend Studio, known (under its earlier moniker Eidetic) for 1999 stealth game Syphon Filter and several sequels. Sony announced the game last year at E3, complete with a gameplay clip showing a truly ridiculous number of zombies. It was also rumored well before that, under the pulpier title Dead Don’t Ride.